bytether [BTH]

1:1 cross-fork from Bitcoin onto Ethereum network


All Bitcoin holders will have access to an equal amount of Bytether. No crowdfunding required. Supply fixed at 21,000,000 BTH.

ERC-20 Token

Bytether is powered by Ethereum network, inheriting all technical advantages of the second generation blockchain.

Payment Ecosystem

Focuses itself around payment and payment only, Bytether has a clear road map to make it as the most popular virtual currency.


The cross-fork happened at block 478,558 (same as Bitcoin Cash). Any person holding bitcoin at the time of the fork will have access to an equal amount of BTH.
Ownership verification of a bitcoin address is required before you can access its forked balance. The whole process is done via Ethereum smart contracts to guarantee security and transparency. The source codes of smart contracts are public on etherscan: Bytether Token and Bytether CrossFork.
Please read this guideline to have a better understanding about the process.
If you do not have bitcoin at the cross-fork block, let join our referral program to earn BTH for free.


User Growth Pool: these tokens will be used to incentivize users to join the Bytether ecosystem. It will be distributed to users who promote BTH (e.g., be active on social channels) and reward users when they make payment via BTH.
BTH Pay Plugin: easy-to-use plugin for merchants to integrate BTH payment into their website.
BTH card: debit-card card payment method. Users can authorize a card number and use it for online transactions, without using private keys.


80.97 %

17.000.000 BTH for Cross-Fork

9.51 %

2.000.000 BTH for Marketing Fee

4.76 %

1.000.000 BTH for User Growth Pool

4.76 %

1.000.000 BTH for Developers

“We are community developers who believe in the future of a better payment token. We create values for bitcoin holders, promote Ethereum blockchain technology. We do not call for any crowdfunding to supply our project development and voluntarily lock developer funds for 2 years.”


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